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Released November 3, 2009 for Rock Band
LEGO Rock Band Import
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Genre: Punk
Album: All Killer, No Filler (2001)

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Mediocre Bass With a Few Gems in There Karmeleaux
Overall, this plays like my mental prototype of an average bass part: Decent rhythm used a bit too much, a few flourishes, it balances out to mediocre. And most importantly, it largely plays along with the guitar but lacking its best parts.

The verse and chorus rhythms are pretty much the bass counterpart of the guitar chart. However, it does gain a bit for the rhythm after the first chorus, which moves more than the other rhythms and has a HO/PO part in it (although the other rhythms throw in a HO/PO slide every now and then).

The solo is doublestrum on one fret, break, repeat on another, and from there (the bridge?) you switch to just two of a note, break, repeat on another note, which is definitely the low point. Finally you get to the outro, which is mostly straight eights with the occasional scale (they're recycled, though).

Overall, it just feels like you go 'alright' after it. It doesn't drag on long enough to make it feel bad, but it doesn't practice enough enjoyable parts to make it feel good.

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