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Released October 9, 2012 for Rock Band

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Genre: New Wave
Album: A Flock of Seagulls (1982)

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I Ran (So Far Away) (Rocksmith)
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(sing to the tune of the song being reviewed) GEROMY
You play a single held note or two.
And also awkward octave-stretch chords too-oo-oo.
Octave stretch chords too-oo-oo.

Each note lasts really, really long.
This is a really, really lengthy so-o-ong.
Really lengthy so-o-ong.

And I pla-a-ayed, I played another sustain.
Oh I pla-a-ayed, I played another sustain.
This song hurts my brain.

Oh god this song's not over yet.
Please can I play a part that's something new-ew-ew?
Something that is new-ew-ew?

You're always playing something, true.
But if you ask me, this chart will bore yoo-oo-ou.
This chart will bore yoo-oo-ou.

And I pla-a-ayed, I played another sustain.
Oh god someone, put a bullet through my brain.
Please just end the pain.
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Better than I remember... Vampire-Jekyll
I remember playing this song in GH80's and being pleasantly surprised. Now that 'I Ran' has made its way into Rock Band I was curious as to see how the charts compare. Thankfully, this chart lives up to the original and improves upon it in some areas.

Right of the bat the chart throws some descending HOPOs. Not too fast but it might be enough to throw off anyone who can't travel the fret board very well. It's a lot of fun and a great challenge for anyone new to the expert difficulty.

After the great intro the chart paces itself. I'm not sure I like how the signature echoing chords in this song were relegated to a single strum, but it does make more sense from a charting point of view. It just feels like the song is bogged down here, but that's okay because it's short lived and only happens 2 or 3 times if I recall correctly.

Next is the main riff of the song. It's very simplistic but with enough variety thrown in to keep you invested. Not much else to say here.

After playing the echoing chords and main riff twice the chart throws some faster picking your way. Nothing ridiculously fast but I often find myself breaking combo here. This is definitely a choke point when going for an FC. Luckily it stays on Green for the majority of it until you jump into the solo.

The solo itself it pretty simple with some short fast picking parts every once in awhile. This is just plain fun to play.

Once the solo concludes the echoing chords repeat, however this time there are some 'guitar fills' to grab up some of that empty space. One more main riff later and we hit the second solo.

The second solo is not as fun as the first solo, but it is still a treat. For the most part you play a simple pattern between the Orange and Blue notes with some Yellow sustains until about halfway when the Yellow note becomes part of the pattern. Finally, you jump down to Red and the song ends on one of those signature echoing chords.

Final Thoughts: This is a great example of a song that remains fun while still remaining accessible. Great for new players and deceptively challenging for Veterans. I give it a solid recommendation.
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80's New Wave strikes again! Poinkish
First Cutting Crew, and now "A Flock Of Seagulls", 80's New Wave seems to be offering some of the best Guitar charts of the year, and this song ranks up there with the best so far in 2012!

The biggest, and most pleasant surprise is the intro, which is charted to Guitar. You'll be playing the atmospheric "Rain drop-esque" noises that play before the band kicks in proper, and this is great fun, throwing long streams of hammer-on snakes back and forth, even going as far as throwing Green to Orange, and Orange to Green hammer-on strings at you, and even some slight alt-strumming thrown in at parts too. This feels great to play, and is a surprising start for what is essentially a low tier song!

The main riff is great fun too, having you strum breif two note zig-zags with a few quick gallops on the orange fret thrown in throughout too. It's upbeat, and quick enough to keep you on your feet throughout.

There's also two Guitar solo's each vastly different from each other. The first solo concentrates on breif hammer-on sweeps and quite a lot of fast alt-strumming, tons of variety and great fun to play. The outro solo has you continiously strumming steadily up and down the Guitar neck, shifting lanes every two notes, simpler, but also fun, and a nice relaxing end to the song.

Overall, this is one hell of a variety bucket on Guitar, there's a little something for everyone, and much like it's New Wave brother "I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight" offers one of the best lower tier Guitar charts, and one of my personal favourite Guitar charts in the game.

Everybody, buy it!
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Tier 0 Keys that don't completely underwhelm?! Gasp! Poinkish
So, 2012 and Tier 0 keys. What do we associate these two things with? Long, blank spaces, and maybe some repetition if you're lucky!

Well thankfully "I Ran (So Far Away)" offers a Tier 0 chart which doesn't completely suck. It's a consistent song, offering a mix of long sustained single key sustains, two key sustains, and three key sustains that are played mainly for background atmosphere. It's simple, but it's at least active throughout the entire song's running time.

As far as Tier 0 keys come this is probably the best we've had in a while, which is saying something. Dedicated keys players won't get anything particularly special out of this, but I'm more confident in giving this the thumbs up than other Tier 0 songs this year!
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A Knockout Lower Tier Bassline! Poinkish
"I Ran (So Far Away's)" bass chart is divided into 2 main parts, the first being a rather unusual blend of single note sustains, and some rather tricksy rapidly strummed note lanes, and vary in position, notes hit, and speed. It's a tricky part to get down, but it's a really interesting, and busy part during what sounds like blank space, much like the Guitar intro, it's a surprise, but a pleasant one.

The rest of the song consists of steady single note lane strumming, but it switches up often, requiring your hands to snake up and down the guitar neck as you hit a series of notes that move erratically up and down to allow you to move onto the next strum lane elsewhere on the fretboard.

For such a simple song, this is a great bassline, it's got a good balance of simplicity and fun that not many lower tier songs can achieve. It never gets dull despite the almost consistent pattern throughout, tweaking itself every now and then to keep the player on his/her toes.

A great example of a lower tier bass chart, and one I can wholly recommend to any budding Bassist out there!
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Definitely one of the weak points of this song. Nicolas-1223
Drums are pretty average in this song. For starters, it's not your average beat, because the hi-hat and snare never hit at the same time, so the beat pattern is three hi-hat notes, then a snare note. It's pretty boring as this is all you're doing for the song, save for the buildup, where you do a tom roll for about 10 seconds, which is probably the only fun part about this chart. The other instruments make up for this weak chart, thankfully.
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