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Released September 13, 2011 for Rock Band
Weezer 04
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Genre: Pop-Rock
Album: Weezer (The Green Album) (2001)

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Smooth, fairly diverse, good amount of movement Madotsuki
This song is pretty simple for the most part, and the chart reminds me alot of 'Buddy Holly'.
For the intro you're mostly playing 2-note chords until the verse where you play 3-note chords, the pre-chorus is alot of single-notes that jump across the fretboard, (alot like 'Buddy Holly'), and the loud chorus is pretty much just chords.
Theres a really simple solo that mostly consists of single-notes and segways into another pre-chorus (again, just like 'Buddy Holly').
Overall, this song is really smooth and laid-back, and also fairly easy to FC, but it has an okay amount of diversity, and a fair amount of movement in most sections to keep you entertained.
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Hip Hip, Okay Karmeleaux
By playing a lot of Weezer songs back to back, I'm noticeably something - they have mostly decent verses, but fall short in the chorus.

This is no exception to this, with probably the most fun Weezer bass verse I've played personally. It moves around the entire fretboard, and involves a slow scale and pull-offs representing slides. It's pretty fun.

The chorus, meanwhile, is a league above most Weezer choruses in that it at least variates on strum pattern (B~~ B~~ BBB), but it's still pretty simple and largely alternates between that on two frets.

Most Weezer basses redeem the chorus and repetitive of the verse with an interesting bridge. This one does not. However, the verse is still a step above most other Weezer basses, and the choruses aren't as bad, so even though it's only got two parts it comes out to a decent experience.

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