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Released August 23, 2011 for Rock Band
Incubus 01
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Genre: Alternative
Album: Morning View (2001)

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Reviews (3) >> Review by Caleb (Guitar) Show:
Better than pardon me Caleb
This song is better than the other song, "Pardon Me" but that is not saying much.

You got a similar chord pattern for the main riff as seen in Pardon Me. Pretty basic stuff, switching from GY to RB, BO and so on. But what I thought made it better than Pardon Me was the verses. The verses contain a lot of ho/pos to my surprise. Not as much as "Dig" had, but there were a bit and it was kind of fun to play that. The song itself is great though and I certainly recommend vocals. But once again, even though the guitar had more Ho/pos he chart still manages to be somewhat bland. Fans of the band only I guess.
08.23.11 1:12pm 1 Replies | Reply +4 Relevance
LostWoodZero - Is better than Drive... Reply
08.23.11 6:06 pm
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