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Released December 8, 2008 for Rock Band
Rock Band 2 Bonus
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Genre: Metal
Album: I.V. (2008)

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Bass with Fun Scales, But a Bit Repetitive Karmeleaux
From the start, this song is metal. Metal songs have some of the best basses in the game and some of the worst. This one is closer to the former, but it falls short of magic of some of the other ones.

The verse rhythm is the good kind of standard metal bass, rooted on green with some double strumming in there followed quickly by a scale. This repeats three times, then the forth has a different scale. This is fun, but it's also all you play for a good while, so it starts to wear down its welcome by then.

The chorus rhythm is simple and slow, but it's got purpose and it's not dull, especially because it's not around that long and quite frankly any change of pace was good at that point.

The bassist himself seems to realize the verse rhythm was getting repetitive after the first chorus, as the next verse is more varied on its scales and rooting, which is fun throughout.

After another chorus is the bridge, which is a new kind of scale rooted on red. The problem is, it also goes on a bit too long to me and wears down its welcome. It does have some chords in there, and ends with a few of the rare triple chords on bass.

Vocal break, another chorus, and the end. The doublestrums are slow and few enough that upstrums are easily workable, and overall it's pretty fun. But as I said before, it doesn't hit the sweet spot in managing its rhythms to make it a must-have bass.

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I don't get to play this much online due to lack of people having it. But I think it's the best song out of the 20 free songs for RB2. I usually play bass, and it's a bit challenging. For the most part it's easy to remember, and once that happens it becomes easier. I believe the drums on Expert are really though as usually people I play with drop out near the beginning of the song.
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