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Released February 18, 2010 for Rock Band
Otis Redding 01
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Genre: R&B/Soul/Funk
Album: Remember Me (1968)

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As much as I despise the drums in Let Forever Be, I can't deny that this song takes the cake for "Worst Drum Song of the Week"!

Remember "Silver" by Pixies? Remember how bad that drum chart was? This is worse. At least in "Silver", you constantly hit 2 pads and the bass pedal! You spend about 75% of this song hitting either 2 pads, or 1 pad and the pedal in the same slow "few seconds between each hit" fashion as in "Silver".

About halfway through the song, the drummer decides that he wants to mix it up and keep a constant, slow beat on the blue pad. He must have strained himself though because it only lasts for about 10 seconds and then you soon go back to the "Silver" beat.
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Bass review Titua Overdrive
About as simple as you can get for bass. 151 notes total. Pretty straight forward. Good song for a vocalist.

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