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Released January 4, 2011 for Rock Band
Johnny Cash 01
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Genre: Country
Album: Classic Cash: Hall of Fame Series (1956)

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Walks the line between fun and boring Lowlander2
Johnny Cash is a surprising entrant into Rock Band, and this just shows how far this series has come. The Man In Black songs are all short, but are still memorable, and this is the most well known of the pack.

Singing this song is a pretty basic experience. In terms of songwriting, this is a very basic song. There isn't much variation through the choruses. The basic tonal key changes, but otherwise, it's not hard at all. Until you get to the outro chorus.

What makes I Walk The Line hard to sing at the end is purely how deep Cash's voice goes. There are other points in the song he goes low, but if you try to sing this song properly throughout, the final two "Because you're mine"s will be unhittable. It just goes too low.

Should you get this song? For parties, yes. Otherwise, it's just too short and repetitive to bother with.
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