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Released February 28, 2012 for Rock Band
Huey Lewis and The News 01
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Genre: Rock
Album: Sports (1983)

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Sweet! Bront
This really is a prototypical lead guitar chart, and is a lot of fun.

The initial playing is a bit sparse, with some HOPO sequences and some riff chords, with a little bit of space in between (not a lot, but enough to notice it). Then comes the riff repeating a bit then when the sax solo kicks in, and then comes an amazing guitar solo. It's all over the place, with a lot of variety, and is challenging without being too challenging. Then you get a little more HOPO noodling and some riff, and then another cool solo (though not as cool as the first one).

There's no rhythm guitar part mixed in here, it's all lead, all the time (including the breaks), which is pretty cool, and a lot of fun. While it's my least favorite musically, it's certainly the most fun on guitar. While I would recommend the whole pack (which has a variety of good points, and awesome vocals), this song is a must have for guitarists.
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