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Released December 7, 2010 for Rock Band
Queen RB3 Enhanced
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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: The Miracle (1989)

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To Hard/To Easy/To Boring/To Exiting Dead Player
Yup, this is a odd one. Infact, it is hard to explain it just by a introduction text, so I will first explain the chart to clear things up:

For the most part of the song, you only play a few and easy sustained chords, and then doing nothing while an aucostic guitar part plays. This is boring for the more experienced player.

Then, after the second chorus, we get one of the most insane keys solos of all time, with the notes going all over the place up and down with some very close jumps from orange to green. This is frustrating for the less experienced player.

Then we get the epic guitar solo where... well, you wait for it to end so you can play sustained chords again. This is boring for everyone.

So as you see, the people who play this to get a real challenge will find it really boring for the most part, and the newcomers that just want to have fun will be raped by the solo. And that is the biggest problem with the song: no matter your skill level you will be annoyed. At least we have no fail mode aviable to save the newbies, and the fact that the solo is a hell lot of fun once you master it, saving it from a 1 star review.

In other words: play it once if you like the song, but be ready to be a bit annoyed.
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