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Released December 22, 2009 for Rock Band
Weezer 03
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Genre: Rock
Album: Raditude (2009)

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Surprisingly, a lot of fun on bass. S1ckH4ndsBass
Weezer have never really been known for their supremely intricate basslines. Pretty much every one of their DLC is a simple strumathon, or worse, a plodding zombielike affair. That's why I was pretty surprised to see this bassline tiered at four dots. A quick playthrough has it being an uptempo affair with lots of HOPOs and fast strumming. There were quite a few parts that even caught me off guard! Overall, if you're both a bassist and a fan of Weezer, you'll want to pick this one up.
12.22.09 3:23am 1 Replies | Reply +5 Relevance
Weezer, how I love thee Caleb
This song on guitar is very fun, while not as challenging as "Jonas" it is very up-beat and has a strange acoustic riff that is fun to play.

With plenty of HOPO's and altstrumming, it is a blast to play. I never get tired of it.
This song is real enjoyable also, definitely a must get if you like Weezer, or enjoyable songs.
02.24.10 3:02pm 0 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
A surprisingly fun song to sing. penguinarmygen
For starters, this song is definitely overtiered as a tier 3. Aside from that though, I was surprised at how much fun this song was to run through. It's catchy as hell, and it's one of those songs that just feels natural coming out. It's a faster paced song, so be sure to pace your breathing well. The only parts of the song that may throw you off is when the vocal notes get up towards the top of the scrolling bar. Rivers Cuomo goes falsetto here, which means that most male vocalists are going to have to do the same (I sing baritone, and I had to go up an octave to hit it).

The song is higher than what you generally expect from Weezer, so keep that in mind going into it. The lyrics are hokey, as you would also expect from Weezer. But the song is definitely a good time on vocals, and I recommend it. Most vocalists won't be disappointed.
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Fallout Phoenix
This song is really good. Most of it is in the mid ranges but the lyrics make up the song. It's basically describing a relationship but Rivers Cuomo injects his own humor into it.

References like Best Buy and Slayer are hilarious and this is a song where the lyrics will be a factor in you enjoying the song. As mentioned earlier the song mainly sticks to mid ranges but there are talkies which are enjoyable. Near the end we dip into lower pitches but nothing an established vocalist can't hit.

Overall a fantastic addition to Rock Band and with addictive bass, catchy guitars and interesting drums this song creates an interesting package.

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Challenging yet fun! nascarfan19
The song suprised me, espically never hearing it before. The song had a lot of variety, all having a challenging pattern that ended up sounding like a fun song on drums as well as guitar and vocals!

I enjoy this song a ton and recommend it for any instrument!
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You'll be wondering if Flea played bass in this song non_zero
This song is so varied and challenging that it'll completely throw you off guard, being a Weezer song and all. Lots of back and forth HO/PO'ing, some trills, some fast strumming, some stuttered strumming, there's really not a dull moment in here except for the short period of silence near the end of the song. Recommended to bassists, and even guitarists.
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(if you\'re wondering if you want this) you want it Gordofredito
guitar/bass are both pretty cool, vocals as well, even though I've only sung this like once, I had lots of fun, drums may not be the best, but this is the most interesting song by Weezer for DLC to date
05.13.10 7:57am 2 Replies | Reply -2 Relevance
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