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Released October 1, 2009 for Rock Band
Breaking Benjamin 01
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Genre: Nu-Metal
Album: Dear Agony (2009)

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Probably one of the most enjoyable songs to play on guitar. Nice HOPO sections and good changes of pace throughout. Nothing impossible, yet nothing boring either.
04.19.11 8:39pm 0 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
Great song.
Guitar- Super duper fun. For an expert at RB3, and 2, this song will be a simple, but fun, FC. The solo, after a few tries, becomes simple. Great song, and a great way to start off the review.
Bass- Still, a fun song. For alot of the song, Bass and Guitar have mutual parts.
Drums- Can be challenging for people who aren't perfect on RB drums. Some of the chorus is challenging, having to hit the blue and yellow pads kinda back and forth, not really easy.
Vocals- Really simple. Easy 100% FC for any Breaking Benjamin fan.

All in all, If you can get a die-hard Breaking Benjamin band together on Rock Band 3, this song will be an easy FBFC. good luck!
02.16.12 1:52am 0 Replies | Reply -1 Relevance
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