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Released March 8, 2011 for Rock Band

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Genre: Indie Rock
Album: Narrow Stairs (2008)

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PRO Keys review:

It's SO sad to play one song, thinking "wow, this is good", then come here and see it's rated 2.5. Seriously guys? :p

I think I wouldn't ever want to play this on Standard Keys, as this song is made of the same 4/5 chords carried over for the whole song, with a little arpeggio here and there. But what appears to be boring on standard is NOT on Pro.
If you like the mood of this song, and you're in desperatly need of a good Keys charts with decent fun for all the band (really good Drums, interesting Guitar and..Well, bass is just a bit boring :p)..Buy this! To me, it's a solid 4.5/5
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I am unpossessed. Saccian
Well there are already a few guitar reviews for this song but I wanted to tune in on this one anyway. Even though I had it in my library, I haven't gotten around to playing it until it was suggested to me from a poster in the forums. I wasn't familiar with the song and was surprised to see it was nominated for a Grammy in 2009.

I am going to start off by saying that I did not particularly enjoy the guitar chart for this song. It felt very awkward right from the start. There was an overuse of Green-Orange chords and some of the regular chord changes just felt like they were too much, or at least more difficult than they needed to be.

I also didn't like how the rhythm for the guitar part seemed to change so much. It would change from eigth notes to what felt like dotted eigths and then dotted sixteenths. I could be wrong on the notation but it just felt so weird. I may just be a poor sport as I missed a few notes on my sight read though.

I did think the song was kinda cool although it is a little too slow paced for my personal tastes. I didn't particularly like how the whole thing is essentially one long verse with a small bridge hidden away in there. The lack of change did make me start to lose interest halfway through and the Rock Band version is a shortened one.

Overall, the song is pretty slow as is the guitar chart. It isn't terribly difficult but a few awkward chord and rhythm changes can break your Full Combo. I feel bad giving the song a rating of 2 but I definitely feel it is below average. Unless you enjoy the song you probably won't get any excitement with the guitar part.
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Finally we get some Death Cab! Mogwai
I am really happy this band is in RB. They used to be my favorite band and while I don't listen to them so much anymore, I still enjoy the fact I can have them in my library. Because of this, I had to buy it.

The chart itself though for guitar is nothing spectacular. It's just a handful of chords with some slow alt-strumming.. With a handful of sections with just random strummed notes. There's nothing here that will fail anybody, and there's actually few things that would stop an expert player from FCing it.

Unless you dig this song/band, there's nothing here that makes it worth picking up
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This is just a short review to remark how great the Drum chart of this song is; with the lack of good "band DLC" lately, I think that skipping this song is a very huge mistake.

This song reminded me of Silversun Pickups songs on RB: you'll play a steady, simple beat, with a lot of variations through the whole song: on the snare, double strokes on the hi-hat, variations on the pedal, and so on. If you take a listen to it it seems a bit repetitive, but trust me this is not the case, you'll never play the same stuff for more than 10 seconds! Also, cool tom fills inside.

Why would you avoid this? :p
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beggars can't be choosers tylertello
wow. when i first saw the announcement i thought we might be getting at least a three pack. i'll admit i was a little disappointed to see just one release from dcfc but after i listened to it a couple times for the first time in months, i got super excited. nick harmer's bass line is so interesting, albeit a little simple. jason mcgerr's drums fit perfectly with harmer's bass line, helping the song chug along. chris walla's guitar in this song has some interesting patterns that we haven't seen in RB before. although the piano is a little sparse it does had nicely to the overall sound of the song. gibbard's vocals are hauntingly sweet(?) i guess my only real complaint about the song is that it IS NOT the full album version. think of how epic it would be to play through 5 minutes of a perfectly constructed build up.
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