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Released November 15, 2011 for Rock Band
Stevie Wonder Pack 01
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Genre: R&B/Soul/Funk
Album: Songs in the Key of Life (1976)

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I've got blisters on my fingers! Bront
I'm a pretty good expert guitarist, and this song kicked my butt. Barely made 2 and a half stars on it on a sight read. I'll get it, it'll just take some practice. It joins 3 other songs in my library that I can't 3 star at the moment (Jerry on bass, Betty and Me on guitar, and TTFAF on guitar) to give you a gauge for the difficulty. So, why is this 4 stars?

Well, the chart itself is a twisty, windy, strummy/HOPOy mess where you rarely play the same note twice in a row (I think it happens less than 10 times, but could be as many as 15). You'll wind up and down, jump all over the fret board, and it's not so easy to follow the audio because the actual guitarist is using 12-15 notes as he goes up and down, so the chart has to bounce back up to go down again (you only have 5 frets). But it's fun. It's got a funky rhythm that sounds fun to play, and even while I was missing notes, I never felt like anything I played was unhitable, it will just take a bit of practice, as the difficult part isn't the notes, it's the timing, as it's all over the place. I enjoyed it while I was failing, and think I'll enjoy it even more once I start hitting it.

If you're looking for a challenge, bump this up a star, as this song is for you. If you don't want a challenge, bump it down one, as you probably won't like it. Party wise, it's pretty well known for it's rhythm, but mostly because it's been remade/sampled a few times in the past 10 years. It's still an awesome song, and it looks to be fun on bass and keys as well. If you want to voxtar this, well, you're a better man than I (then again, I don't voxtar, I'm bad at it).
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