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Released February 5, 2009 for Rock Band
Thin Lizzy 01
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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: Still Dangerous - Live At the Tower Theatre Philad (1977)

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Breaks Out Past the Verses Karmeleaux
Verses mainly involve straight eighths on red, with a sustain, two yellow notes, a YO chord to punctuate, and an occasional double-strum. It's decent, but it's a bit of a drone with how much it comes up in this song.

Instead, what we really want to look at are the chorus and bridge. The chorus is slow scales up the fretboard, and really fun movements. Its fun is accented by the fact there's a few sustains breaking up the movement, to keep it from being too same-y throughout.

And the bridge is boss, with straight eighths on red or yellow and accents on mostly higher notes every third note. Many times the note is a chord.

The chorus and especially the bridge are great fun, but the verse is kinda a drone and there's a noticeable break in playing where Phil Lynott is probably trying to amp the chord with hand gestures while singing. What's there is fun, but there's some lows that hurt it from being five-star.

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This song has a really fun main pattern, which a bunch of triple hits and fast double bass hits, and fast rolls as wells. It mixes it together in a really cool way, and it goes pretty fast, so it never gets boring. Highly recommended song.

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