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Released June 8, 2010 for Rock Band
Green Day: Rock Band Import
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Genre: Rock
Album: American Idiot (2004)

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Dead Player - "I am surprised they actually undertiered the song this much ..." -- Read more
Long, fun, diverse chart with lots to offer Madotsuki
This is a pretty long song, its just over nine minutes, and this guitar chart is obviously extremely diverse and has alot to offer. So I'll try to remember everything.

Jesus of Suburbia:
The first part of this song begins immediately with some 2-note chords, then a pause, more chords, pause, then some consistent 2-note chords, and continues like this for the verses of this section. The chorus is mostly some 2-note chords with a good amount of movement and a bit of consistent strumming.

One of the tricks in this section is during the verses where all of a sudden theres a quick flurry of random HO/POs that are extremely hard to hit in time, and provide a nice challenge to this otherwise tame first section to this song.

City of the Damned:
This part is a bit more difficult than the first section, except it doesn't have those fast HO/POs, but it brings in some 3-note chords into the mix during the verses with some inconsistent strumming, and during the choruses theres some consistent chords and some quick single-note switching in-between the chord changes.

I Don't Care:
This part starts with a short single-note progression that then goes into a 2-note chord section with some bouncy double-strumming, and this continues for a bit until the next chord progression where you play some more double-strumming chords in a different pattern until the vocals come in where its mostly the bass playing, but you play some chords at the end of each measure. The double-strumming chord pattern continues for a bit during the "I don't caaarreee!" until the next section begins.

Dearly Beloved:
This section begins with a few quick 2-note chord-to-2-note HO/PO chords for the first bit, then goes into an interesting rhythm with some bouncy 2-note and 3-note chords, as well as a bit of double strumming. The only real trick to this section is a fast solid 2-note chord that seemingly jumps in out of nowhere at one point, that may break your streak if you don't alt-strum it fast enough.

Tales Of Another Broken Home:
The final section begins with the bass and some chords at the end of the measure a few times, and then the guitar chart kicks up and you start playing alot of 2-note chords at an entertaining rhythm. During the chorus-like sections theres some short chord sustains that switch quickly that is a bit tricky because you have to really stretch your hand around the fretboard.

The solo here is simple at first, mostly some single-notes and sustains, then goes into some fast HO/POs at a tricky rhythm that is a bit difficult if you aren't ready for it.
Theres a goal for completing the solo 100%, which is a bit hard to get especially since if you mess up the solo once, if you were trying to get it, you would have to start the song over, and the solo is somewhere around 8 minutes in.

The solo is followed by a vocal break, then the band joins back in for the chord progression from the verses of this section again, then some fast strumming and chords until the end.

Overall, this song is extremely long, especially for a Green Day song, and the guitar chart is extremely fun, diverse and is just an absolute blast to play if you're up for such a long song with such a fantastic guitar chart.
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