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Released November 20, 2007 for Rock Band

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Genre: Rock
Album: Wolfmother (2006)

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Joker & The Thief (Rocksmith)
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Rock Band DLC Re-view: Wolfmother Caleb
Herein I will be going over as much legacy rb dlc as possible, for documentation sake. I will do guitar for now, might do other instruments if I feel so inclined.

Woo finally, a non-cover! *EARLY ROCK BAND DLC HOOOOOOO*

This song is intense...

Enter the intro riff, and the chorus riff. It's a series of HO scales played in an ascending pattern. Following the GRYRBO pattern, it's enough for plenty of inexperienced expert players to get frustrated at and plenty of hands to get tangled. Honestly though it's a ton of fun all the same.

The verse riffs are fun and bouncy with GY alternating chords thrown around.

The verse contains some sustains with a few HO scales for good measure.

The end of the song contains a very fun effects ridden solo, with some fast plucking and a tremolo or two.

A very fun time is to be had for guitarists on this track, a must have rock jam!
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This is a must have for any drummer, or anybody who likes to mess around on the drums, or anybody who likes good music! In addition to being a great song, this drum chart is one of the most engaging DLC charts that I know of. In terms of the difficulty, it's tiered accurately. 100% sightread isn't likely, but it's possible, and most people drummers will be able to get a majority of this chart down after a few gos in practice mode. The verses and the guitar solo don't have much, but the choruses and the bridge are WICKED fun. I highly recommend this chart.
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Decent Parts Ruined by Dead Space and Sustains Karmeleaux
Ignore the difficulty rating, this is back before Harmonix put much effort in differing guitar and bass levels. You'll see as I go on.

I'm going to open this by saying the first note you play that's actually part of a rhythm is around the minute and a half mark. That's not a good start.

The verse rhythm is decent, involving playing straight forths and a shuffle hammer-on from a lower fret. It's not good enough to hold my attention that long, though.

Especially when we get to the chorus, which is long sustains. After another repetition of those two, we get to the breakdown which is another part that's decent, with slow scales followed by sustains.

The problem is ultimately there's just way too much space where the bassist is doing nothing/minimal. It's not the worst bass in the game, but it's simply one I'd never want to play and can't see anyone wanting to either.

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Fallout Phoenix
I feel that the bassline for Joker & the Thief gets a bad rep because

1) It's overtiered and
2) It's incredibly simple

This song is basically one of those songs that everything for it is great! ...Except for the bass. There's absolutely no fail moments whatsoever, the most engaging part of song is most likely the green and yellow hammer on during the riff however if you're picking this up for the band it's enough to keep you occupied but for a solo bassist this is a no-no.

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5/5 ordealbyfire
Super fantastic! Love the sound of the main riff, it's fast, full of hammer-ons, and a blast - the rest of the song isn't too bad either. Love it.
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Fantastic song to learn tapping on, and you feel really accomplished when you get the main riff down. Otherwise it's repetitive.

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Challenging and interesting. Probably my favorite drum track.

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