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Released April 17, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Alternative
Album: Re-Record 2009 (2009)
Author: RhythmAuthors

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Excellent Bridge, Average Otherwise Karmeleaux
If you were aware of bass and music in the nineties, the bridge of this song probably stuck with you as 'something cool on bass that Flea didn't do.' It's not quite the same (we'll get there), and unfortunately it's really the only noteworthy part.

An interesting thing about this song is you start in the chorus rhythm (well, I guess if you have a loose definition of interesting). The rhythm isn't particularly noteworthy one way or the other, it's largely short sections of a single fret, with a couple of them having a single HO/PO in there.

From there, you've got the verse rhythm, which has two parts: Long sustains (oh joy), and then a rhythm on the red. This rhythm tends to mix up its strum pattern a fair bit and often throws in something like Rbryr which is fun (I believe it also sometimes throws something else in its place).

It's mostly those two up until the bridge, which is unfortunately no longer the bridge but the guitar solo the entire time, which irks me. But the bass still is great here, being built around a variation of the chorus rhythm, but throwing in good little scales where it can as well. It's an absolute blast.

The thing is, the verse and chorus rhythms, while decent, just aren't strong enough to make this universally fun (especially the long sustains in the verse). The bridge should be pretty fun to everyone, but it's got parts in there where a lot of players would just go 'okay,' so it's probably not for everyone.

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Significantly different from the original recording, but sti BenPaddon
Anyone expecting a 1:1 re-recording of the original track will probably be disappointed. The guitar solo now extends out into the bass bridge and the vocals occasionally differ (the lyrics stay the same but the notes have changed), but the bass and drums are pretty much intact. Despite these minor tweaks, however, this is still a very strong track and a great one to bust out at parties.
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