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Released May 5, 2011 for Rock Band

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Genre: Progressive
Album: Feathergun (2009)
Author: ThatAuthoringGroup

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Dead Player - "I know I probably say this alot, but this song is extremely,..." -- Read more
Probably the only rishloo song to get this rating from me... Caleb
Now, first and foremost (and anyone who has played it or listened to it would know this) it is severely undertiered, back to that in a second. First off the chart.

The song starts with some slow gallops and a few distorted guitar notes. Quite simple stuff. Then a slow zig-zag pattern like in "Still Alive" for the rest of the verse. This part is quite fun. As the song starts building up, it launches you into the first chorus.

This is where you should realize something is off. The song is tiered as a 3, which is "moderate". The chorus contains tons of fast alternating scales of ho/pos witch are sure to fail you out if you were not expecting it. This is certainly not moderate. However, it is fun to play if you are capable. I had a blast and it was totally awesome and full of energy.

Repeat what I said for one more time and that's the first half of the by now you are wondering why I rated it so low? Well the song is great, my favorite off of the album. Just atmospheric and wonderful. The chart up until now has been questionable, but good why?

Well here it is. After the bridge, and the last buildup to the climax you strum these fast 16th notes continuously for 30 seconds until the song ends.

YEAAAAAAAAAAH no. I do not find that fun in the slightest, I will be playing this song on guitar when I feel like losing an arm, or breaking my guitar.

Bottom line, this song needs to be re-tiered for the sake of the beginners, and the last part is such a buzzkill for funness.

Buy at your own risk.
09.18.11 4:45am 1 Replies | Reply +4 Relevance
Excellent Vox Chart... But.... xNeonzZ SolarRis
The charting was excellent. When I say excellent, I mean I had to listen to the song and filter out the vocal track in practice mode, use the pitch guide, and found absolutely no errors. However, I do feel as if it could've had one more vocal phrase. By this, I mean when I listened to the whole song, and noticed there was still a vocal part that could've used some recognition. Don't get me wrong, the charting is superb, I just feel it's slightly lacking. <3
05.06.11 2:35am 0 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
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