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Released September 8, 2009 for Rock Band

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Genre: Rock
Album: The Better Life (2000)

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Nothing Special, But Still Kinda Fun Gigakoops
The verses are essentially a series of eighth notes that go around the neck, similar to the other 3 Doors Down songs. These segments are easy, but still a little fun. The choruses are slow repetitions of what I like to call "chord gallops" (essentially those chords that are preceded with two of the lowest notes, such as Y-Y-YO), and this segment is a bit tougher for beginners, but are also mildly fun.

Then there are the solos. These are obviously the highlight of the song, including HOPO chains and faster movement around the neck. However, they are brief and quickly swapped out for more eighth note riffs.

Overall, it's got some fun parts, but I'd recommend this mostly for parties.
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