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Released April 12, 2011 for Rock Band
Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks 01
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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: Fleetwood Mac (1975)

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non_zero - "Several times during this song I was afraid I'd forget where..." -- Read more
Shelbsterelli25 - "They should have made this a buy one track from the pack, ge..." -- Read more
I like this song. It's a fun song full of HOPOs. SportsFrk
HOPOs being hammer ons and pull offs. This song is charted oddly though, considering you can take your strumming hand completely off the guitar for long periods of time, and even when you bring it back on it'll probably only be to strum one note or so. For those of you that are out there looking for the next best challenge, this is a pretty good warm up song.
05.11.11 6:43am 0 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
An really emotial and intense Song GoryHeadStomp
This Song is an Masterpiece.Nuff said.
Harmonix did great work on both instruments.
06.01.12 2:31pm 0 Replies | Reply -6 Relevance
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