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Released December 8, 2008 for Rock Band
Rock Band 2 Bonus
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Genre: Indie Rock
Album: The Sad Thing Is, We Like It Here (2008)

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There are a few perks to this song. 1) There aren't a whole lot of RB songs in 6/8, and this one takes advantage of it pretty well. Since the time signature is under represented, this also helps mix up gameplay in long sessions (both band and solo). A lot of the time you are riding on the hi-hat on eighth notes with a snare hit on beat 4. The choruses and the bridge especially have you rubbing three against two (three in the kick drum, two on the cymbal/snare).

2) It's easy enough to pick up on a sight read, but not so hard (or so easy) that you'll be discouraged from ever touching it afterwards.

3) It's catchy and fun to listen to on its own, so even if you don't completely dig the chart you won't be wasting your time.

Overall, solid chart.
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Great Bass with Tons of Variations Karmeleaux
The verse rhythm starts the song here, and it's pretty fun with some movement and heavy focus on HO/POs. But where the song really gets riled up is the prechorus, which throws in a heavy amount of HO/POs as it moves around the fretboard.

The chorus isn't a selling point as it's largely straight forths, but it's got its some slight flourishes in there that make it feel like someone real is playing bass. After that, the two rhythms repeat (with an extra flourish in the verse once), then there's a guitar break.

But when you come back in, you play along with guitar, which means you play some really this two really cool rhythms that focus on HO/PO patterns. From there, there's a vocally focused area, but bass keeps playing, in fact getting a really cool scale in there. From there, another chorus and exit with a short visit from the verse rhythm.

Really, all of the rhythms are pretty cool, have small flourishes, and don't stick around long ago to get old, so it's a pretty awesome bass in my book. Recommended to everyone.

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