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Released September 25, 2008 for Rock Band
Moving Pictures
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Genre: Prog
Album: Moving Pictures (1981)

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The best of the best TheScout
This may be an unpopular opinion, but this is my favorite drum part on any Rock Band game. Anyone who has bought DLC for drums knows that Rush has the best, most accessible drum charts around, but many name YYZ or 21:12 or Subdivisions as their favorites. I prefer this one because every part of it (aside from the pre-ending bonus) is interesting and fair; I'm looking at you, Subdivisons synth solos, guitar solo, chorus, and ending. It sounds, great and plays great, and after about 20 plays has yet to get old.
09.02.15 12:08am 0 Replies | Reply +3 Relevance
Lots of movement, some chords, easy, yet entertaining Madotsuki
The guitar chart for Limelight (Original Version) is pretty deverse, theres lots of movement and a decent amount of chords to keep things easy enough to not seem too difficult.
There are a large amount single notes and movement all across the fretboard throughout large portions of this song making for a very exciting and active chart.
The solo is mostly single notes at first but you gradually start playing lots of HO/POs across the fretboard as the solo continues, and its pretty entertaining.
Overall, this song has lots of chords to keep things entertaining and easy, and large amounts of single notes all over the place to keep things from getting repetitious.
06.14.12 8:35pm 0 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
Standard Rush: Tons of Fun, But a Bit Too Much Repetition Karmeleaux
Again, the subject pretty much hits the nail on the head. It's got a fun verse rhythm that slowly partially scales around, but ultimately it starts to get repetitive by the end the song.

The chorus focuses on sustains at first, but it starts doing different movements around the fretboard (that get more complicated the next two times it's visited), including clear scales. The guitar solo follows a similar idea, starting with sustains and also going into different movements.

It's a lot of fun, but again, sustains and repetition can make it a bit unattractive to some players.

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