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Released January 21, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Alternative
Album: Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (2009)

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Lisztomania (Guitar Hero)
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Very divided in variety and challenge nascarfan19
The song only has three patterns:

1. Kick pedal then red pad, along with some extra notes
2. Same as above except the hi-hat added
3. The challenging part of a fast paced kick pedal and blue pad

The challenge came in at the third pattern. It was very hard to choose a 4 rating or a 5 rating.

I ended up giving it a 4 rating because there were only 3 patterns and only one of them were challenging
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Expert Guitar Mogwai
This is a great song in my opinion, so it's possible that this alone will cause me to be a little biased in my rating of the chart.

Overall, it's well... It's not hard, but it's not extremely easy. It's full of parts that look much easier than they really are. But, there's nothing here terribly complex, so most users will be able to get the hang of it in short time. Actually, this is a great choice for players trying to make the transition from Hard to Expert!
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Fallout Phoenix
Before I get started, I'd like to say that I don't like trills. The first thing that pops out at you is a R/O trill and the trills recur often. Lisztomania is a combination of a chordfest and a hammer on party.

The song is divided into three segments: The trills, light hammer on patterns and chords. The trills for the most part are simple but if you absolutely cannot pull these off you will suffer. The chords are also weird as they're not consistent and have off timing. This song has potential to please a lot of players however if you are not a fan of trills or weirdly spaced chord segments, stay away.

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