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Released April 3, 2012 for Rock Band
Evanescence 02
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Genre: Nu-Metal
Album: The Open Door (2006)

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A Must-Buy for Keys Players. Poinkish
2012 has been a very strong year so far for Keys players, with such fantastic key charts as "Head Over Heels", "Alone", "Smooth", "Crow & The Butterfly" & "Down Under". "Lithium" can now be added to this list of great keys songs this year.

It's a lovely little ballad song, and keys players get the spotlight for this one. There's a heck of a lot of movement up and down the keyboard throughout this song, with the pattern switching up a lot as you go, there's even some 2 note keys thrown in amongst the zig-zagging to spice things up throughout. It's a very consistent keys chart, and I have no reservations recommending any keys players looking for a mix of variety, and fun to check this one out.
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Not much to write home about for Bassists. Poinkish
Looking at the Tier 0 rating for this song, and the general ambient nature of the song, most bassists probably know what this song has in store for them. A whole lot of held bass sustains, with a bit of fretboard movement in between. For a bottom tier bass it's not a total bore, but unlike the Guitar chart, the 1 minute wait for the bass to kick in really does hurt it's chances at being anything other than okay.
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Surprise of the week on Guitar! Poinkish
I know a lot of people who have heard this song prior to it's release in Rock Band were probably expecting a very bare-bones chart, especially with the minute of down-time at the very beginning, but Lithium actually succeeds at being a fairly compelling chart for Guitarists. After the aforementioned down-time at the beginning the chart kicks in with a few heavy, atmospheric series of single notes and chord sustains, before the meat of the chart kicks in, a long series of spaced out single note hammer-ons that span the entire width of the fretboard, back and forth. It's fun yet relaxing at the same time, and it switches up quite a bit with the occasional strummed note thrown in there too to spice things up. Get this, and "Everybody's Fool" if you're a Guitarist this week. To say this week surprised me would be an understatement!
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