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Released November 15, 2011 for Rock Band
Stevie Wonder Pack 01
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Genre: R&B/Soul/Funk
Album: Innervisions (1973)

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Not bad, but nothing special Bront
The first third of the song you don't do much, and then it slowly intros. The chart itself isn't bad, and is certainly fun, but isn't anything special. It's a good mix of singles, chords, and a few HOPOs, with several long sustains. It slowly gets better towards the end, so it leaves you feeling good, but the parts where you don't play and some of the long sustains drag it down just a bit. Note, you're playing Synth, not guitar here, which can take away from the experience a bit.

Now, the song itself is classic, and a lot of folks were pretty excited about it (it's probably my least favorite song musically in this pack and the only one I had never heard), so it's probably a good party song, and it's the most accessible on every instrument but Vox (which is pretty tough on every song). It's not a song to avoid because of the guitar chart, but don't get it for the guitar chart either (Get it for bass and keys).
11.16.11 7:03am 0 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
Fantastic song, and a good chart to boot! Poinkish
Amazing song, and a great guitar chart. It's blank for the first third of the song, but it really heats up after a few ambient held notes with fast paced hammer-ons snaking all over the place, with some sneaky chords thrown in at times, lots of variety in this section. Recommened for Guitarists!
11.15.11 2:25pm 4 Replies | Reply +1 Relevance
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