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Released November 9, 2010 for Rock Band
Bon Jovi Greatest Hits: Rock Band Edition
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Genre: Rock
Album: Greatest Hits (1986)

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Pluckin' on a Bass (RB912401019490124809 version) GEROMY
As incompatible as 80's pop metal and fun bass parts might sound, this song is surprisingly fun. Yeah, yeah, yeah, RB3 versions are a cheap way to gain revenue, but the harmonies and keys are both great.

Anyway, you probably know how this song goes, so I think I don't need to tell you that much about it. You play a really fun bassline that goes steady throughout most of the song. Then the bridge comes in and you play a less fun but tolerable section, then the chorus comes in and it's pretty good.

Towards the end they spice up the timing a little (adding some B-G-B hopos to the row of blues) and it's pretty great.

BUY IT TODAY! Especially if you have Rock Band parties. This song's a blast.
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