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Released February 22, 2011 for Rock Band
Pat Benatar 01
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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: Live from Earth (1983)

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Odd Anex
I really like this song (childhood memories LOL) so it was nice when this one came available for download.

However I'm a little disappointed in the charting. There were times where I felt it was off (perhaps the harmony was charted instead, or I was singing the harmony, either way it threw me for a loop and I almost failed).

Charting the WHISTLING (and not as a talky) in the vocals as "doo doo" (or dee dee) and it makes for a really poor job on the charting.

I'd expect something with questionable charting from RBN but not as a DLC song direct from Harmonix.

If I had to rate solely on the charting I would give this song a 2.5- 3 stars at best. However I'm biased on the actual song itself so it receives a slightly higher rating from me.
02.24.11 1:13pm 3 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
It's ok Marwood87
Note: My review is based on the regular keys chart, not the pro one.

There's not much variety in this song. It's pretty much all three note chords/chord sustains. If you are a fan of Benatar you might enjoy playing along with this one. For you keyboard players looking for more variety and a challenge, I'd skip this.
03.16.11 1:59am 0 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
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