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Released January 29, 2013 for Rock Band
Aerosmith's Greatest Dimension Hits
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Genre: Rock
Album: Music from Another Dimension! (2012)

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Lots of Variety Gigakoops
This is an interesting situation, because alone I don't think any of these riffs would be a lot of fun, but together it's a lot of fun. The chorus riff has you strumming a lot with a few HOPO chains here and there, and offers some fun. The verses are either chords or long sustains, and offer the least fun segments, yet here they go well after the chorus. The pre-chorus segments offer the most movement as there's a chain of notes that has you going up and down the frets at nearly rapid succession. The solo isn't that great, though, as it offers barely anything that isn't already in the rest of the song besides the end of it.

Still, this is a fun experience, and if for some reason you're cherry-picking the Aerosmith pack, you may want to get this one.
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