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Released May 7, 2009 for Rock Band
Franz Ferdinand 01
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Genre: Alternative
Album: Tonight: Franz Ferdinand (2009)

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I didn't enjoy this song very much. There a lot of heavy chord strumming that changes position pretty fast and pretty often. The solo was pretty good, because it was so different from the rest of the chordy song.

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Fallout Phoenix
Maybe it's cause it was a little weird for me but I found this to be a bit hard, Lucid Dreams is the song to go if you want the bass challenge. It's not difficult but it's not boring either. It falls in the middle of things. There's nice hammer ons and pull offs sections that are blast to play. The rest is alt strumming sections but they don't last long as you'll go back to the hammer ons and pull offs. Pick up the song if you're a bassist but pick up the pack if you're a fan of Franz Ferdinand.

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