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Released August 11, 2009 for Rock Band

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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: Live at Leeds (1970)

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non_zero - "This is pretty much the best Live song I've ever heard...." -- Read more
Hard work and dedication pay off, but maybe not for everyone Karmeleaux
This is probably a one/two-star bass put together with a five-star bass, I'll tell you right now.

The song opens with only 'drums.' When the bass comes in, it largely plays a rhythm (that's slightly too fast for me to upstrum) that's largely on yellow with a green in there every now and then.

This, quite frankly, gets tedious fast to me, and goes on WAY too long. But if you persevere you'll be rewarded with a section that brings in new strum patterns movement around all the frets and it's just indescribable and it's just amazing to play.

But then it goes away again, to a variation of the original rhythm. If you're like me, you'll still be riding the high from the last section to be too frustrated with it, and not long after you're rewarded with further crazy bass until the end. This time bass chords are there, and overall it's a great time from there.

To be clear, this is not a song for you if you like awesome basses. This is a song for you if you like awesome basses and are willing to sit through parts you don't like for them. If you've got enough patience for the song, it should be pretty amazing. If not, it might cause you to break your guitar in frustration of the repetition of the first part.

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Fun and hard song on Vocals Beatlefan37
This song is really fun on vocals and some part are tricky to do like the line "Can't Have It". I really recommend this song expert vocalists.
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