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Released May 31, 2011 for Rock Band
Ozzy Osbourne 8-Pack
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Genre: Metal
Album: No More Tears (1991)

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Fun fact: Lemmy co-wrote this song.

Funner fact: Lemmy is a hoarder.
06.05.11 2:52am 7 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
Dog - Word. I have no problem throwing shit away I feel I don't need.

It was quite surprising to see that Lemmy was a hoarder. He seems like someone who doesn't own a damn thing and he in fact keeps EVERYTHING.
06.05.11 10:14 pm
Dead Player - Then you might have a mental dissorder of the oposite fashion that I don't know the name of but that I know exists. My... what is she, grandaunt? Something like that, have the same thing about feeling unclean with to much stuff in her house. Reply
06.05.11 9:06 pm
non_zero - P.S. I still feel like I have too much stuff Reply
06.05.11 9:04 pm
non_zero - I'm not a hoarder, in fact I threw half of my shit away last year. Felt good to be free of all that stuff. Reply
06.05.11 9:04 pm
Dog - I watched this documentary about him fittingly called "Lemmy." They showed his apartment and it's literally a dump. Shit everywhere. He even says he can't throw anything away and prefers stuff over people. Reply
06.05.11 4:47 pm
Karmeleaux -

Googling 'Lemmy' and 'hoarder' together brings up a lot of stuff about his apartment.

Not as a fun fact, my mom is a hoarder. Like she'll keep at this point decade-old tissue boxes because she 'likes the designs.' It's an experience going home.
06.05.11 2:05 pm
Dead Player - Neither that article or the article about Lemmy himself says anything about him being a hoarder, so where did you get that info? Reply
06.05.11 9:30 am
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