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Released July 5, 2011 for Rock Band

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Genre: Alternative
Album: Automatic for the People (1992)

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MC-1119 - "Thanks HMX for putting my favorite R.E.M. song in RB. Wish i..." -- Read more
If you believed they put a mare on the moon... m2cks
That is what I unfortunately always hear now that I, like many others (including a good handful of this site's users!), have been ponyfied. Quick, someone stop me before I imagine a Michael Stipe pony! Oh, too late. Now all I can think about is a very round-headed pony with paint across his eyes and a megaphone for a cutie mark. Hmm...

Ahem! Anyway, this song is perfect for the few of us who are lucky enough to have multiple microphones and multiple voices in order to fully enjoy harmonies mode, for this song is essential for any players looking for a good duet. The tradeoff between Stipe and the backup voice near the end of the song (I was not able to tell which one of the members of the band it was) is beautiful, and the harmonies in the prechorus/chorus are a delight to sing together. The harmonies alone give this song high marks, but there's also enjoyment to be found in the solo vocals chart, as well.

Of course, the main vocals alone are a little simplistic at first glance. The verses follow a quiet, subtle pattern, with the structure being as follows: low phrase, low phrase, higher phrase, low phrase. Just a small warning: the "yeah's" in the verses are charted fairly low, with the lowest of them forcing me to pitchshift up in order to successfully hit them. From there comes the prechorus, which is higher pitched (and thus a bit more comfortable to sing), and the pitches take on a descending pattern, which is easy enough to master. Following that is the highlight of the song and the most recognizable part: the chorus. It really seems that R.E.M. likes their high, soaring choruses, and this is, thankfully, no exception. With high pitches and a nice-sounding harmony to accompany it, the chorus is fun to sing but unfortunately it does not last as long as one would initially perceive. The song repeats until the outro, in which I mentioned before is one of the best harmony parts in the Rock Band song library.

All in all, this is a fine song fit for any vocalist's library, with a recognizable tune and some awesome harmony phrases to boot. Whether you are a fan of the song/band or just looking for something new to sing, I would reccommend giving this song a try. On that regard, I truly hope that Harmonix re-release the R.E.M. pack with harmonies, as (as this song proves) the band boasts some brilliant leads and harmonies.
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Okay, so this song is swell and I love it, but it's... not that fun on keys.

This is one of those songs that would be infinitely more enjoyable if there weren't so many damn GAPS in it! The gold-stars cutoff on legacy keys is at 17k, and the song goes on for five minutes!

Anyway, during the verses you play a simple C-E-G-hiD, D-Gb-A-E pattern which goes pretty slowly and isn't that bad, and it sounds pretty nice.

During the chorus you then play a simple single note pattern which leads into an irritating to play chord (D-Gb-hiD-- pointless stretch across the keyboard a-gogo!).

And that's it. Not that great of a song for keyboardists; if you love REM you won't mind, but otherwise it's not worth it.
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