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Released November 20, 2007 for Rock Band
Rock Band 1 Import
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Genre: Rock
Album: Fever to Tell (2003)

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Little Bass There, and What There Is Isn't Worth the Wait Karmeleaux
The second this song starts you can tell it has pretty enjoyable drums, and this might get your hopes up that the entire rhythm section is enjoyable.

YOU HOPED WRONG. My group of friends loves playing this on vocal and drums, so every time we end up playing I look to the bassist and go 'sorry.'

There is NO bass during the verses, which is already a bad start.

From there, the chorus rhythm is straight eighths on a gem, a sustain, then moving to another gem to repeat.

The bridge rhythm is a sort of redemption, in that it moves around slightly more than the chorus, and has a bass chord which was a big deal back in the day. But as one has to sit through two verses and choruses (chorii?) to get to the first one, it's far too little far too late.

It's just a song one would NEVER want to play on bass for enjoyment. That's really it.

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