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Released February 26, 2008 for Rock Band
Nine Inch Nails 01
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Genre: Rock
Album: The Downward Spiral (1994)

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Fun drum pattern, boring quiet parts Madotsuki
This is definitely a bit over-tiered, but nevertheless, its a lot of fun. It may look a bit difficult at first, but once you play it, its actually really smooth and not too hard to FC.

The song starts out with a fast pattern over the hi-hat that has plenty of quick kicks and often ends with some quick green toms before repeating. A similar pattern appears again when the rest of the band comes in except is played over the ride. The pattern is extremely fun to play, and doesn't ever seem to get redundant, as you're not playing it for the whole song.

But the parts where you aren't playing it, is where the drum chart kind of takes its low point. During the quieter parts you're playing a consistent yellow tom with consistent kicks underneath, until the loud part comes in again, and then the quiet part again, and then the song ends.

Overall, this chart is a lot of fun when you're playing (which is the majority of the song), and you may get a bit bored with the yellow tom parts, but it doesn't last to long and goes right back into the fun part again, which will surely keep you entertained. The end of the song is empty space for a short while, but its empty space for everyone save for the vocalist. Nevertheless, you will likely enjoy this.
Recommended for drummers if you like the song.
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I would love to be able to sing this song authentically, but instead of yelling MARCH PUSH, I have to say it in my highest voice. Very annoying.

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You're almost always playing something, which is good. Very fast paced, a roller coaster ride.

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