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Released November 24, 2009 for Rock Band
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Live 01
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Genre: Rock
Album: The Live Anthology (2009)

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Surprisingly Enjoyable risser
This isn't my favorite Tom Petty song. And if you include the Heartbreakers, it's probably not even in my top 20. In spite of that, I found this a lot of fun to play. The guitar part is interesting and varied, with a couple of decent solos. Plus, there's a "free form" part at the end that must last over a minute. I was able to rack up 20,000+ points on that alone, which was like a fun little mini-game in itself.

All-in-all a surprisingly enjoyable play.
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A Fairly Fun Dance Karmeleaux
Huh, it's kinda surprising I didn't hit the more well-known Tom Petty songs my last run through here. Well, the past's loss is the future's gain, as the totally real saying goes.

So, this is a pretty fun bass part. The verse is based around the old 'short fill into a short sustain' that I'll mention in many of my reviews. But it gets special mention in that most of these scales involve a short HO/PO chain in there somewhere.

The chorus is based a bit more prominently around the sustains with weaker fills leading into most of them, though the fourth repetition has slightly more intricate fills.

So this is pretty fun, and to make it better, there's routinely variations in the structure or placement of the fills. Both rhythms are pretty fun.

But they're the only rhythms for six minutes. They never really wear out their welcome, mind, it's a pretty fun song through and through, but that unfortunately is a caveat going in. Still, both rhythms are fun and varied, and it's worth a look if you enjoy bass.

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