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Released September 14, 2008 for Rock Band
Rock Band 2 Import
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Genre: Rock
Album: The Pick Of Destiny (2006)

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An Okay Pick (of Destiny) Karmeleaux
Well the caveat going into this song is it's only a two and a half minutes total, and you don't even play until about halfway in.

But well, once you start, it's a fairly fun bass part. Green orange reaches, small fills before some sustains, variations on pick-ups and strum patterns, it's pretty enjoyable.

And at the very end, it goes into a gallop that bounces around the fretboard following the guitar line. It's also pretty fun, but extremely short.

Really it's mostly that first rhythm with that last part for like ten seconds, but you only play the first rhythm for like a minute so it doesn't really get a chance to wear down on you. Not playing for half the song does take a toll on its fun, but when half the song is a minute it's not a HUGE deterrent.

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Time for a review!!!

This song's main riff is a bunch of strumming chords. This isn't very fun until you get to the solo in the beginning of the song. It is really fun, with a bunch of HO/PO patterns and it doesn't get old. And it doesn't stop there, no siree. While there's still the main riff, there are a bunch of solos thrown into this song and they are all fun, with the same qualities as the first solo; HO/PO chains that will force your hands to move around the neck, and a fast pace. The outro is a bunch of triple strums, which isn't all that noteworthy.

Green bean
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