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Released April 6, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Alternative
Album: The Beautiful Letdown (2003)

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You'll Want More than This Chart Has to Offer Karmeleaux
This song does offer some, mind. Just not enough to draw in people unfamiliar with it.

The intro/chorus rhythm follows the guitar with the three eighth notes feeling. But where the guitar bends below the next measure, bass just has blank space before it moves down to the next fret. This area DOES have fills back into the beginning of the rhythm instead, which are usually fun, but they're more of the exception than the rule.

The verse is mainly sustain-focused during the vocal parts, then has a simple but fairly fun rhythm involving strum pattern, slight movement, and a short HO/PO chain.

Then the bridge is focused on short sustain with a little movement around the fretboard, most notably a repeated hammer-on slide into the orange note.

So all in all, all the rhythms have fun parts but, as before, won't sell it to people who don't already know the song.

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