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Released October 2, 2008 for Rock Band
Blood Sugar Sex Magik
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Genre: Alternative
Album: Blood Sugar Sex Magik (1991)

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Excellent Groove, But Repetition and Sustains Take A Toll Karmeleaux
This starts out with a slow intro riff around the fretboard, which is decent and most importantly doesn't stay around long.

What stays around long is this absolutely delicious funky groove. It involves all the frets and several single HO/POs throughout, and it's honestly an absolute blast to play. Unfortunately, it's used a lot and gets a bit repetitive by the end.

The chorus is based around some slight movement and single HO/POs, and is also fun and short. The bridge of the song is largely long sustains, but it has movement and some good stuff in there. The intro is revisited for the outro, and you're gone.

Overall, it's all fun, but as with many basses, a rhythm (verse in this case) is overused to the point to where it could be undesirable to some players.

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