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Released April 15, 2008 for Rock Band
Classic Rock 01
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Genre: Rock
Album: Regatta de Blanc (1979)

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Other Versions
Message in a Bottle (Guitar Hero)
Message in a Bottle (Rocksmith)
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Sting Does It Again... Again... Again... Again... Alluminated Guy
So during your musical journey across the musical game platforms, you've surely stumbled across Message In A Bottle in one form or another.

It's a song familiar to pretty much everyone, which normally means the singing aspect of this song is elevated compared to non-pop standards.

For Message In A Bottle, the vocals are limited to a short range, presenting little to no challenge, but at least the lyrics are cool right?

The lyrics remain something nostalgic up into the point of you repeating the phrase "Sending Out An S.O.S. for roughly 2 minutes, which easily loses it's charm after the first minute.

Vocals shouldn'tbe a factor in purchasing this song, rather than the overall feeling of the song.

But the vocals deserve:

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Better Than Expected risser
I was worried about starting this one, as I thought there wouldn't be much to the guitar, but my memory served me poorly, as the guitar part was more thorough and varied than I expected. It's a great song was a blast to play.
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Very fast beat, keeps you occupied. Actually, it tires me, but in a good way.

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Alluminated Guy
For those who have played Guitar Hero 2, you know very well that this song's base is very similar to the Rock Band version.
So reviewing in a retrospect that I've never played Guitar Hero 2, the song is overall fun to play. It's missing some important guitar lines in the song, but thats only to prove it's unique. Some off beat notes, but thats The Police for you. All in all, I give this song a Great rating for being... Great!

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