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Released May 7, 2009 for Rock Band

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Genre: Southern Rock
Album: Idlewild South (1970)

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The Midnight Riders, man! Best pyrotechnics in the business! m2cks
Okay, obviously this song was the main source for the fictional Left 4 Dead 2 band's name "The Midnight Riders", and the name does them justice, for the song they are named after is, for lack of a better word, awesome. The guitar solos, the harmonies, the driving drums- The Allman Brothers Band were one of the kings of Southern Rock, and rightly so. Since my favorite song by them was already featured on Rock Band 2, I was excited to hear that their second-best song was hitting the DLC as well. I quickly downloaded it, and it did not disappoint.

The chart, as far as charts go, is very simple in structure, and normally that constitutes a lower rating, but since the phrases of the song are so darn fun to sing, this is a rare case in which I would rather sing a repeated phrase structure that something new that deviates from said structure. The verses, after the famous guitar riff, are moderately paced in tempo, while the pitches start from high and end in a quick dropoff. The reoccurring "...One more silver dollar" phrase is the only part where I felt more comfortable going into falsetto instead of reaching for it in my "head voice".

The chorus is the truly unusual part for two reasons. One, they take place seamlesly after each short verse, and they themselves are even shorter. Two, the lyrical placement and timing of the chorus changes with each repeat, making it a possible warning for vocalists singing it for the first time. Besides that, however, the choruses have the exact same pitch, if nothing else, so really no one should have much difficulty tackling them.

...And that is it, essentially. The song simply loops over that quick verse/chorus structure a few times, reaches a guitar solo (AKA tapping section), and resumes the pattern until the outro, which is composed of the chorus reiterating itself a few more times until the end. Though it seems like a 3-4 rating on it vocally, and true I have complained of simplicity like this in the past, I feel like I enjoy the fun this song offers over the other repetitive songs in the past simply because the phrases, while similar, are just perfect for me. They are in my range, ascend and descend comfortably, and even lets me practice my falsetto. Really, it is both fun and the perfect "warmup" song- I play this whenever my voice sounds a little rusty and needs to get started in order to take on harder challenges. So, overall, this song is not for the difficulty freaks, but for those who just want something classic and fun to sing along to.
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The little brother sitting it's older brother's shadow. Caleb
This is a really underrated song. People would probably choose Blue Sky over this in a heartbeat, I know I did. But after playing this a few times, I have come to respect it.

It starts with a tricky acoustic intro that has some quick YBO ho/pos mixed in with a YO chord, but that's over quickly.

The majority of this song is a slow paced green note, red note, YB chord sequence during the verse, and a sustain fest during the chorus. Hardly difficult at all.

The solo is the most challenging aspect of the song, it's got some quick ho/pos and some hammer-on chords. But it is a short solo, and it's over with fairly quickly.

After that it's wash, rinse, repeat.

Sounds boring, right? Well, sort of. If you're a difficulty whore, stay away. But if you love great music, laid back guitar riffs, and A CROWD SINGALONG, than buy it lickity-split!

This is great southern rock, and the much underrated younger brother of Blue Sky. Guitar is not the highlight of this track, but it certainly is a great song for being so short.
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Another great song that's just a little dull on guitar. It's only one star difficulty, but that doesn't mean it has to be dull. It's just there isn't a lot going on for the guitar.

Still, if you like the tune, it's decent enough.
10.19.11 5:57pm 0 Replies | Reply -1 Relevance
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