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Released June 8, 2010 for Rock Band
Deftones 01
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Genre: Nu-Metal
Album: Deftones (2003)

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Alot of movement, lots of fun Madotsuki
This bass chart was much better than I had expected it to be.
Anyway, for the verses you're playing a bunch of notes along Green, Red, and Yellow with HO/POs mixed in until it jumps up with a quick HO/PO in between and plays notes that descend back down until repeating.
The choruses are a bit more simple, mostly steady strumming with some HO/POs in between, until the later choruses in which you start playing notes that jump all over the fretboard repeatedly and HO/POs the slide a bit up the frets, this is probably the hardest part of the song, but really isn't too difficult and is tons of fun.
Overall, this song has alot of movement along with HO/POs and some pretty interesting sections in the later choruses that are really smooth and fun to play.
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