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Released November 24, 2009 for Rock Band

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Genre: Pop-Rock
Album: Thankful (2003)

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Guilty Pleasure Chavez669
I have to admit, I'm a closet fan of the Kellster. So I would have bought this song regardless. I was pleasantly surprised by the drum chart and believe this is a good trainer song for new experts with the need to separate your hands from your feet. The tom tom breakdown is fun as well and a good section to work alternating hands for roll training. It's all varied enough to keep experts entertained, while being a good party song as well. In short, if your a drummer or kellaholic, I recommend this song.

Vox obviously need to get this song as well.

Gutiarists only if your a fan of the song or Kelly. It's ok, but way to repetitive to be worth buying on charting value alone. Bassist are out of luck too.

I personally think that although this was her first big hit, there are alot of songs that would have translated much better to Rock Band. Just about anything from her My December album would have worked great. Or a song off her All I Ever Wanted album which would have worked great: Whyyawannabringmedown. That one is a borderline great pop-punk rock song complete with a quicky guitar solo.
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Fallout Phoenix
Before I even looked at the tiers, I expected this to be loleasy on everything except vocals. Well Kelly Clarkson surprises everyone buy bringing out a Moderate tiered drum song. Skeptical I walked in laughing at the idea that this could be hard.

Boy was I off, first this song can pass as Moderate and maybe even a tier lower but that's debatable. Second, this song isn't gonna fail you, unless you absolutely suck at using the bass pedal. The song has no drum fills instead like Handlebars relies solely on the bass to make a challenge, the bass has an off beat rhythm to it and can provide a challenge if your feet and hands think together while playing. For a little added bonus there's a cool section with the toms during the breakdown so that's a plus.

It actually can provide a great exercise to help you separate your hands and feet as often times your foot may be tempted to strike the pedal when there is no bass. I never thought I would recommend this song as a training wheel but there are other songs so it comes down to preference.

However, I can't give this song a Superb rating as compared to the other songs this is just not at that level. It's an interesting drum song, no doubt about it, but the rest of the catalog waters this one down.

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Fallout Phoenix
This is bad, like really bad.

It's slow and the bassist gets a lame duck status in that he or she is just standing there. The song is essentially sustains which we know is loads of fun. We hit the chorus and it's just notes in sets of two and not very interesting at all. Even during the breakdown where everyone else gets something decently fun the bassist is stuck with sustains.

Everyone else in this song at least has something passable but this song is just slow and plodding and not fun at all. The only real plus is the cool wah-wah sound it has but not even that is enough to save this train wreck.

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Fallout Phoenix
I was going to give this a 3 star Good rating but decided against it. The intro riff is entertaining at first but then you realize it's not fun after the sixth time. It's pretty much a chord followed by a GRYB HO/PO chain. It slides down the fretboard to a RYBO chain. We hit the chorus which is everything you expect to be. Guitarist skip, but you were most likely going to skip anyways. Party song only as I have stated in my other reviews, unless you're a starter drummer who likes this song or want a vocal challenge.

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Fallout Phoenix

Kelly Clarkson makes her Rock Band debut and with this song attacking male vocalists around the globe, we may be in trouble. It starts out like You Oughta Know with low pitched phrases, which are very difficult to hit. We then hit the chorus and the have a mid-high pitch range, the chorus is easier but not by much.

The song is all over the place and it is challenging, it could've pulled off Impossible vocals but alas it's Nightmare and it's proves it cause anything this song could throw at you, it does.

Buy for parties and the vocal challenge, you know this song is a massive guilty pleasure anyways.

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