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Released September 8, 2009 for Rock Band

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Genre: Emo
Album: Decemberunderground (2006)

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Even With Dead Space the Chart is a Must Own! Gigakoops
The entire song has a rhythm that relies on semi-fast strumming patterns and movement all around the neck, and provides a good bit of fun. The only downside is the verses, which contain nothing at all. The pre-chorus is awesome, though, as it relies on strum patterns that keep both hands at least mildly busy.

The bridge is simple yet fun. It's simple eighth notes that spread themselves out across the frets. The final chorus has a fast strumming section, and since I like fast strumming that's a plus for me.

Overall it's pretty fun, and if the other AFI songs are like this, I may buy them at some point.
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Fallout Phoenix
Miss Murder is an absolute blast on bass. Yes I realize that it's like a majority of bass charts that follow guitar Miss Murder makes you do more than the guitar chart does. Best part is that it doesn't have a fast strumming section that the guitar does.

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