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Released January 25, 2011 for Rock Band
David Bowie 02
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Genre: Glam
Album: Let's Dance (1983)

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Boring chord sustains throughout Madotsuki
Wow I got golds at the end of the sustain on the last note.
Anyway, this song is extremely bland on guitar.
Its kinda cool at first, some quick green notes and quick hammer-on plucking, but it quickly loses its playability after that.
The rest of the song is some long strummed chords in groups of three usually, and it stays that way until the end.
If you're mainly a guitar player, avoid this song, it may be fun with a full band, but alone, this one will make you fall asleep.
06.10.12 6:45pm 0 Replies | Reply +1 Relevance
Modern Love, it terrifies me! Caleb
First of all, not a huge fan of the song right off the bat. Let's dance is so much better.

Anyway, this song is has been downrated to hell and I'm adding to it saying, this is one of the most mundane charts in the game.

Holy hell, is it boring. You play standard two note guitar chords throughout the song and it's nothing but repetitive patterns upon repetitive patterns. It offers no challenge, no variety, and no redeeming qualities that make me want to play the song again. Two dots? That's an overstatement.

Avoid the song for it's guitar, unless you REALLY need your Bowie fix.

07.15.13 8:16pm 0 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
*yawn* RBAddict666
The Guitar chart is very boring to play. It starts off with plucking green notes with some chord hammer-ons but the rest of the song is just extremely boring. It's just chord sustains right until the end. This is much better to play on Bass or Keys.

01.25.11 8:14pm 0 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
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