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Released August 30, 2011 for Rock Band
I'm With The Chili Peppers
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Genre: Alternative
Album: I'm With You (2011)

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Worst bass part of the three I'm With You songs. Saxy Man
Monarchy of Roses spends a majority of the chart switching between a galloping line on one note and a galloping line on two notes that change every bar. Not much to say there other than it's incredibly boring. During the drum solo you have a simple Y-Y-G line repeating every bar. The part ends better than it starts, but it takes too long to get there and doesn't last long enough for me to give it anything above a 2. As I said with Parallel Universe, I suggest cherry pickers look elsewehere.
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Do you like it rough I ask you? Madotsuki
This song starts with the drummer playing a couple rolls on the green tom while the guitar makes some random noises until the drums move over to the snare and you start a count off on the hi-hat, where the song really starts.
When the bass comes in, you will be playing a easy tribal/marching rhythm on the blue tom with a few green toms here and there, with a linear kick drum beat under the toms. This part of the song continues with this until the main verse.
During the main verse you will be playing something completely different, an interesting variation of the disco flip technique that can be tricky at first but once you get the hang of it, its a really fun section.
There is a drum solo at one point in the song that repeats a tricky drum pattern that may catch you off guard, and it repeats this pattern a few times with slight variations each repeat.
The pattern consists of multiple toms rittled with kicks, some quick hi-hats and crashes before repeating.
After the drum solo there is another verse that, instead of playing the disco flip variation, you will be playing a basic drum beat with some syncopation in the kicks until the outro.
During this outro your right will be switching mainly on the ride and the crash and you will be playing some tricky rhythms that variat very quickly, and what makes it even more difficult are the syncopated kicks and some fast doubling snares. Your best bet to fc this part is to practice it.
At the end of the song you will play a quick roll followed by 3 slams on the snare, blue tom and kick, ending the song.
Overall, this song shows lots of variation and many different drum techniques that are an absolute blast to play for any drummer.
If you like this song, you will definitely like the chart for it and I would highly recommend it.
If you like RHCP, this is one of the funnest songs on drums off their new album (I'm With You), and I think you would really enjoy this fun chart and great song if you like this band.
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