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Released April 6, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Rock
Album: Awake (2009)

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Generic, nothing special. Saint Harri
As much as I enjoy this song, as a drummer this is definitely not the best song available for Christian Rock Singles week.

It enters with a steady barrage of slow, consistent bass notes, throwing in some hi-hat hits shortly after. After that ends, it's a very simple "hi-hat + bass > hi-hat > snare + hi hat + bass" pattern, alternating into a "crash + bass > bass > crash > bass > crash + bass" pattern. There's the occasional change up, but nothing to save it from monotony.

It's a fun song for parties and such, and the song really shines on vocals and it's not bad on bass or guitar, but there's just not enough to the song to warrant a purchase from a drum-specific player. Avoid if you fit that criteria, but if you're a well-rounded player, it's totally worth the price of admission.
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