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Released December 25, 2007 for Rock Band

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Genre: Emo
Album: Move Along (2005)

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If there was some sort of "Drummer's Essential DLC" pack, this would be on it. Do not let this song's radio-friendly sound fool you. This chart is serious business! While some of the choruses are simply eighth notes on the hi-hat with snare hits (think Everlong but not insane), the rest of the song is throwing some rhythms and stickings at you that isn't seen in many other songs. Most of the verses are in 4 with a bass drum on the beat. You are doing a RLLRLL pattern on the toms in eight notes, however, providing an interesting rhythmic dynamic: the right hand emphasis creates an implied five against four feeling. There are two other patterns present: one is simple, and the other is not!

This a clear standout. Definitely buy it.
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Above Average Gigakoops
I like me some alt-strum chords, so obviously I'm gonna be a bit more lenient towards songs like this with not much going on. However, the part that brings this above average is the second verse, which includes a fun HOPO segment that has you moving quickly up and down the frets. It's short, but it brings this chart above average for me.
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Rapid chords mostly, but has a cool ho/po section in it. It's an enjoyable song.

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Don't get this if you don't like to alt-strum, because a lot of it is a surprisingly fast pattern. But the tempos shift an the patterns change enough to make this a really good bass song.

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Constant drum roll song. I enjoy it less than most songs of its kind.

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