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Released August 23, 2012 for Rock Band

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Genre: Popdanceelectronic
Album: Europop (1999)
Author: OzoneEntertainment

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A little underwhelming. Legato Suzuki
When I saw this song on the marketplace I was initially pumped - after all, Blue is a fantastic Pro Keys chart and I figured this would be the same.

I have to say, despite loving the song I'm just not feeling the Pro Keys chart.

For starters, the only time you actually play is during the intro, followed by each chorus. Much like in Blue, the pattern you're playing doesn't really change, although the intro does throw in a few extra notes that you won't see in the chorus. Either way, just sitting there doing nothing every verse really drags this chart down.

Much like a Queen track on guitar, the chart is fun but only when you're playing it, which is not often enough to make it enjoyable. Overall, I'd say pass.
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