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Released May 29, 2008 for Rock Band
The Cars
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Genre: New Wave
Album: The Cars (1978)

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A rare case indeed Caleb
This is one of my favorite songs by The Cars. So this review has the potential to be very biased, so I will try my best.

The majority of the song is a slow sequence of notes. A red note, A RB chord, and a blue orange hammer on. That is the pattern that dominates the majority of the song. It does not sound very interesting, and truth be told, it's not. However, it does come with a solo. Which is a nice break from the repetition.

I love this song however. So I do not get bored while playing it. If I were to rate, personally I give it a four. But since this is a slow song with little changes, I have to rate it a 3.
04.07.11 8:05pm 0 Replies | Reply +1 Relevance
Pretty Dull dxdg
The song drags. If it feels like it drags, then it's probably not that much fun. If it's not that much fun, it's probably below average. This song is below average. A few fills here and there don't break the boredom of the same beat you'll play through most of the song. Not the strongest drum song from this album.
03.24.16 5:15pm 0 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
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