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Released June 26, 2008 for Rock Band
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Genre: Alternative
Album: Doolittle (1989)

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Decent amount of movement, nice pattern in choruses Madotsuki
The bass part for this song begins with a Red+Orange bass chord hit a few times until a few more notes that descend down the frets and then into the verse.
The rest of the song is pretty easy for the most part (I FC'd it the first time), you're just playing lots of single notes at a nice rhythm, theres a good amount of movement, but its not all over the place.
Except during the choruses where you're moving up and down G, R, and, Y repeatedly in a snake pattern thats pretty easy for the most part.
There are a few quick hammer-ons added in later on to keep things interesting, but besides that, this songs not too busy.
Overall, this is an average bass chart, theres nothing too crazy about it, but its entertaining enough to deserve a 3/5.
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Fairly easy verses, crazy alt-strumming choruses Madotsuki
The beginning is pretty simple, you're playing a Green note followed by a two-note chord, and this repeats a bunch of times, a few times theres an extra chord and a Green HO/PO, but that only happens a few times.
The rest of this song is mostly single-notes and single-note sustains that slowly move around until the chorus where your rapidly alt-strumming and switching between two 2-note chords repeatedly, which is alot of fun.
For the outro you're playing a few chords mixed with single notes and HO/POs here and there.
Overall, this song is pretty diverse, the choruses are quite exciting, and the verses and other sections have an okay amount of movement with some chords in them as well.
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